Hand Netted Waxed Linen

Spindly is a fiber art installation made by Los Angeles based artist Annette Heully and curated by Panting & Sculpture Outpost. View the exhibition in the East and West Window Galleries located at Four Fourteen Gallery in historic downtown Marysville, California.

Spindly has been crafted from waxed linen using the knotless netting process to reflect about the inter connectivity of human experience. Our environment and body have a great effect on each other, although the results are not always immediately accessible. Spindly describes how forms slowly shift, settle and change over time as each environment is continuously becoming new and providing new forms for exploration.

Each window gallery space is populated by mysterious figures implied through the netted legs that emerge below the horizon. This offers viewers an opportunity for metaphor and narrative, while exploring thoughts of universal molecular connection. As viewers, we can find ourselves both separate yet among these forms, our own legs, reflecting back at us in the window glare and interacting with the shadow nets and legs created by the sun shining through the netscape at different times of day.

New environments create new adventures and new forms. We become explorers and philosophers, both subjects and narrators, of something timeless and wise, clunky yet elegant.

The exhibition is on view August 10, 2021 through November 1, 2021. It can be experienced anytime from the sidewalk at 414 4th Street.