Annette Heully, a nationally exhibited artist, earned her MFA from California State University Long Beach with an emphasis in Fiber. She received her BA from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in Textiles. She currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

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In my work there is an intersection between the animate and inanimate as well as references to the body and landscape. I am interested in how over time, seemingly inanimate forms slowly shift, settle, change and become animate. Although the results are not always immediate, our environment and body have a great effect on each other. Over time physical wounds heal into scars, feelings of loss are soothed by time, tides rise and fall, and paths are made as we walk. These phenomena are just as prevalent externally as they are internally. I am interested in this intersection and how the beauty, synchronicity and poetics of life can be transformed into a visual, spatial and material experience.


Video Work:

My videos discuss situations in women’s lives that are difficult to speak about openly. I crochet hand puppets that are used to perform silent vignettes. The playful and humorous nature of the soft puppets creates an inviting and comfortable space for addressing hard issues. The vignettes explore the topics of, vulnerability, domestic violence, love, loss, and the nature of being a woman.

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