Caught in a worm hole

Caught in a worm hole – VavNet collaboration

Projection, Audio, Video, Cotton, and Space Blankets


Caught in a Wormhole is the collaborative installation by artist duo VavNet (Vav Vavrek and Annette Heully.) This work combines elements of video and sonic projections with hand woven sculpture that interacts with its surroundings and architecture. The woven sculpture is created from silver cotton and stripped space blankets. By using the space blankets, the piece evokes conversations of climate change, the border wall and space travel. The space blanket encompasses the need for protection and human resourcefulness. The piece is translucent but also reflective so the viewer can simultaneously see themselves and past themselves. In this installation at Flux, several variations of video will be projected to play upon the weaving, while the harmonics of the droning sound will play about the modified space and the fluttering and rustling weaving.
This project is presented in conjunction with soundpedro 2021 produced by the artist collective, FLOOD, with support from Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro.